When trying to keep your home comfortable, it is essential that you know all the various modes your air conditioning unit has to offer. Most homeowners are familiar with "cool" and "heat" settings. However, they generally acknowledge that they don't know much about their air conditioner's fan mode function. Knowing how your ac system's fan mode works can improve your home's energy efficiency. All while helping you stay cooler in the summer season and warmer in the winter.

What is Air Conditioner Fan Mode?

Basically, air conditioner fan mode manages the blower fan. You can select to run the fan continually or only when the air conditioning is on. This setting was designed to circulate and distribute air evenly in your home. Please note: it will not produce any newly heated or cooled air..

What's The Benefit of Turning the AC Fan Mode "On" ?

Managing how the blower fan performs  in "fan mode on" vs "fan mode auto" has benefits that complement  the other features and settings of your AC system.  Have a look below to learn more of what the AC fan mode can do for you!

The Proper Use Of The AC Fan Mode In Air Conditioners

When you discover how to use your air conditioner's fan mode function properly, it will permit you to get the best possible results.

Now that you understand what the fan does, It is necessary to understand when and how to use it properly.

fan on air conditioner

One of the greatest mistakes people make is keeping the fan on while the humidity level in their home is high. This can actually increase the indoor humidity levels since the existing air moving in your system will simply evaporate and then return into your home. 

Turning the fan on can benefit you more if you suffer from seasonal allergies or problems managing indoor air pollution. In any case, it is vitally important to have regular maintenance and routine filter checks.  This is due to the fact that if the air in your ac system is dirty, your home's air quality will remain in an unhealthy state due to the continual circulation.

If you find that your AC fan is running continuously without a reason, please call Comfort Heating And Air Conditioning Specialists  and let us help. We serve Post Falls, Coeur d'Alene, Spokane and the surrounding areas.

Manage AC Fan Mode for More Comfort Year Round

On the hottest days of summer, your AC fan mode is your ticket to maintaining consistent temperature levels without utilizing too much extra power. Winter brings opportunities to move warm air from cozy fireplaces and wood stoves. It also further reduces your fuel consumption to heat your home.

So Get Comfortable!  The Comfort Heating And Air Team is locally owned and locally trusted since 1993. We're your neighbors and care deeply about the community we serve.  Our 5 Star service professionals can help recommend which AC settings are best for you and your home. No matter the season! Reach out to us today for any concerns with your Heating and Air Conditioning system.

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